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DO NOT LET OUR NAME FOOL YOU!  Fire Sprinkler Services, LLC is more than just fire sprinkler systems.  A professional consulting company, Fire Sprinkler Services has now been in business for over 10 years, with the principal having over 35 years serving the fire protection and safety community.  Fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, mass notification, life safety, worker safety, and much more have always been areas where service has been provided.  It has only been recently that our clients have demanded more, and Fire Sprinkler Services is now meeting that call.


As you may know, many governmental agencies and clients require many different professional qualifications in order to work with fire protection systems, both suppression and alarm.  This may include specialized training, experience, or even NICET certification for the commissioning and certification of all fire protection systems installed in their projects.  As an example, in 2006, I completed a project in Tirana, Albania, working on the NOX Embassy addition for HITT Contracting, Inc, where I provided services to meet a certification requirement.  My primary functions on the Albania  project were to assess all fire protection work and to supervise the completion of the fire protection systems installations.  This included the final commissioning and certification the fire sprinkler systems, the fire alarm systems, the fire pump installation and associated site fire mains.  This was a large complex project, which interfaced five buildings and systems, requiring great detail and extra attention.  My involvement with the Tirana project was similar to what I have provided on several others, such as the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, Hungary, the Edson Building at the Quantico Marine Base in Quantico, Virginia, an Embassy project in Brazil, as well as many other projects.  I have worked on several local stateside projects, one being the assessment and updating of the fire protection systems at Piasecki Aircraft, a defense contractor near Philadelphia.  I have completed projects at Lockheed Martin, and am also providing business consulting for a fire protection contractor in Atlanta, GA.  I have worked at many high profile facilities in the Atlanta area such as CNN, Turner Studios, Atlanta Gas Light, Anheuser Busch, and Kennesaw State University.  I am also assisting on an ongoing basis fire protection contractors in Delaware, Texas, Pennsylvania, and California.


Fire Sprinkler Services, LLC is now offering turn-key services, providing complete systems design, on-going project support, as well as supervision, commissioning and system certification.  Fire Sprinkler Services can also assist in material acquisitions such as fire sprinkler systems fabrication, fire pumps, equipment purchases, and fire alarm systems.


I know that many of you may be deep in the middle of your projects, or even planning, and may have the need for a certified professional such as NICET to assist in meeting initial design certification requirements, and to plan for final commissioning, acceptance, and certification.


Many clients may be making building modification, doing fit-outs, new construction, or simply have questions about life safety.  Fire Sprinkler Services can provide consultation on the latest NFPA codes dealing with life safety requirements such as NFPA 101, or the IBC Building Codes.  Your questions about exits, stairways, exit lighting, occupancy loading, and other important life safety issues can all be answered.


Worker safety is not isolated to building construction.  Fire Sprinkler Services can offer assessment and recommendations for construction trades safety, and offer the same services for maintenance personnel and workers in businesses, commercial and industrial sites.  Whether it is a manufacturing process, or maintenance workers in malls, hospitals, casinos, and the like, safety is important, and Fire Sprinkler Services can help you.  Hot safety topics today are personal protective equipment, confined space entry, emergency training, and electrical safety such as “arc-flash” training and NFPA 70E training.


If you need that extra level of comfort, if you want to make sure your organization is on the right track, if you want to minimize your business interruption, if you need your preparedness upgraded, let Fire Sprinkler Services help.


Please consider FSS for your needs.  Also, for your information, please review the remainder of this letter for information that may help you.  Thanks for your time, and FSS looks forward to the opportunity to service your fire protection needs.

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