Many companies find themselves in positions where they need that

additional support on a continual basis, but their business circumstances

find them unable to bring on that full-time person.† Fire Sprinkler

Services is now offering that full-time support based on a subscription

service.† There are four levels of off-site support.† Each is customized to

assist the client with many of their specific needs.



Level 1 support provides the client with 24/7 consulting services.†

Bidding assistance, design assistance, code questions, plans review,

hydraulic calculation consultation,† and the like.† Fire Sprinkler

Services will be available via numerous communication venues to

ake up your issues and help you best answer and solve your problems.†



Level II support includes the above, as well as business operationís

support.† Fire Sprinkler Services will help you make important

business decisions when you feel you may need that second opinion

or if you are facing unfamiliar territory.† In addition, Fire Sprinkler

Services will provide a bank of hours for actual design and calculation




Level III support includes all of the above, including a bank of on-

site hours in your offices to assist with design, training, and business

support.† The only extra would be travel and expenses.† And in

addition, you would be able to use the name of FSS qualified staff

in your advertising and business information as staff consultant.



Level IV support includes all of the above, including licensing support.†

Fire Sprinkler Services staff will act as your full-time staff support for

licensing services.


Each level of support is customized and priced for your specific needs.†

If you need something different, or additional, Fire Sprinkler Services

is happy to negotiate an agreement that meets your specific needs.†

Support can also be negotiated for specific terms, projects, long term,

and short term needs.† It is strictly about what your needs are.


Contact Fire Sprinkler Services for more details and sample contracts.



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Fire Sprinkler Services, LLC, is now offering fire protection consulting subscription services.† See below for more details.

Consulting Subscription Services